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Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is in East Java, Indonesia.Baluran National Park is often called as ‘Africa Van Java’ or ‘A Little Africa in Java’. It offers distinctive natural scenic beauty of Africa – an African savanna.

This park is a forest preservation area that covers about 25,000 hectares of the north coast of East Java. The park offers some great scenery and has organised safari activities. Safari is a much misused term in Asian travel circles but in this case it is appropriate – there is something very African about the savannah grasslands of Baluran. Of the three large national parks in East Java, this is the easiest reached and by far the easiest to travel around.

The dominant feature of the park is 1,247 m high Mount Baluran, a dormant volcano. The park is mostly savannah grass and acacia scrub inland and monsoon forest with mangroves on the coast. 15 km from the main entrance there is beautiful white sand beach called Bama Beach with fringing mangroves and a healthy offshore coral reef. Some 40 km of the north coast of Java are within the boundaries of the park and include some areas with excellent, healthy coral reefs close to shore.


Baluran National Park Animals

Mammals present include leopard cat, wild pig, Java rusa deer, three species of monkeys and the endangered java banteng (buffalo).

Birdlife is diverse despite enormous trapping pressures for the cagebird trade before the national park was formed. Some poaching still occurs.

  • Bekol Savannah, (12 km inside the park. Ask for free map from the main park office). This is the main viewing point for the herds that gather to drink at the water hole. You really will believe you are in Africa here gazing across dry savannah against the backdrop of Mount Baluran. There is a also a tower which allows panoramic views of the whole area.
  • Bama Beach, (3 km from Bekol). Nice white sand beach with good live coral close offshore. Decent snorkelling spot. There is some basic accommodation here. There are usually ojek riders waiting at Bekol to ferry visitors across the Bama Beach.
  • Climb Mount Baluran. Not a high peak by Javanese standards but the views from the top are excellent in all directions including across the ocean to Madura. You can see Bali on a clear day.

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