Green Bay Red Island Tabuhan Menjangan Baluran Ijen Tour

Private Tour Green Bay and Red Island Banyuwangi 1D1N tour package will bring you the beauty of hidden beach at green bay. You can swim and enjoy the beautiful beach scenery. Right next to the bay is a very unique beach called pantai batu or rocks beach. It’s called rocks beach because the shore covered by rocks which arranged naturally through the nature phenomenon. After enjoying the beauty of green bay, we will take you to one of the hot spot of banyuwangi, the beautiful red island. You can watch the sunset and relax your mind.

Itinerary : 

 07.30 am : Meeting Point in Banyuwangi City area

08.00 am : Headed to Trambesi Forest, Benculuk 

09.00 am : Enjoy The Jawatan Trambesi Forest, Take pictures 

09.30 am : Headed to Rajegwesi Beach

11.30 am : Arrive at Rajegwesi Beach

12.00 pm : Headed to Green Bay and Batu Beach with traditional ship

14.30 pm : Lunch with traditional menu in Sarongan Village

15.30 pm : Headed to Red Island

16.00 pm : Enjoy the view on The Red Island Beach.

17.00 pm : Headed back to Banyuwangi City

19.00 pm : Dinner with Banyuwangi Traditional Menu

20.00 pm : Shopping at the center of souvenirs

20.30 pm : The tour is officially ended

Private Tour Green Bay Red Island
Red Island Beach
Private Tour Green Bay Red Island
Green Bay Red Island Tabuhan Menjangan Baluran Ijen Tour

Price and Facilities :

Price :


  1. Tour transportation with Air Conditioner during in Banyuwangi
  2. 1 room at 2 stars hotel for 1-2 nights (selamet hotel/manyar hotel/asiera hotel/etc)

  3. Entering tickets to the destinations & equipments (Snorkeling Set, Gask Mask Rental, Ship)

  4. Culture show package

  5. Coffee plantation and etawa goat’s farm package

  6. Mineral Water during Tour 
  7. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  8. Tour Guide
  9. Documentation (up water and underwater)

*  All include customize with selected package

*Please call our custumer service or fill the form bellow to book our tour

Hot line :

Telp: +6282 141 352 559

WA: +6282 247 436 668


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